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An exceptionally powerful review software designed to help local business owners get great reviews from their customers on autopilot!

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That’s right businesses with lots of great customer reviews get chosen for the job 87% more often than their competitors with few and bad reviews.  Good reviews also help search engines like Google rank your local business higher when consumers search online.

If you are still struggling to take your business to the next Free Bad Review Reportlevel, one of stability and profitability because of few or no reviews. Keep reading to start getting great reviews from your customers!

Here’s The Secret to Making More Sales, Retaining Customers Longer, Getting Referrals and Great Reviews

If you just do this one thing, if you just take that one little extra step there, and go the extra mile, you can see huge gains.

Awesome suite of Marketing Tools

I want to introduce you to the most advanced and user friendly marketing Suite designed exclusively for Local Businesses.

Voted #4 of top 5 marketing tools of 2014. We’ve helped hundreds of local business owners finally have their best years ever and we can help you too. Local owners looking to take their business to the next level. We combine the power of our patent pending automation tools and proven customized marketing print ads, and promotional materials designed especially for local businesses to add thousands to your monthly bottom-line.

Introductin the smart marketing wizard

More Clients & Referrals With Less Work, Less Stress Guaranteed!!

Our Done For You Services Solve Those Problems And More!

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train your staff to deliver great customer service

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Don’t Sell Harder, Market Smarter

Satisfied Customer-Reputation Marketing

It All Starts With Done for You Services

  • Done For You Newsletter: Dollar for Dollar an e-Newsletters is The Most Effective Marketing Tool There is.
  • Good Reviews: Deliver pre-sold eager buyers to your doorstep. Our system thanks and asks each customer about their experience with your business. If their response is positive, they simply click once and write their review straight to sites like Google, Yahoo, Yelp. Make reviewing easy for your customers and you’ll get more reviews.
  • 24/7 Reputation Monitoring: We monitor top review sites and notify you if a bad review is left about your business. Get notified before it goes viral. No more surprises you’ll sleep better at night knowing we’re monitoring your online reputation.
  • Your Good Reviews Streaming Live From Top Review Sites to Your Website: Positive feedback is phenomenally powerful, it reaches out and delivers pre-sold pre-qualified prospects to your front door. We stream your good reviews from top review sites straight to your website.
  • Social Proof: Good reviews from your happy customers is the best advertising you can have. We syndicate your good reviews from top review sites like yelp and Yahoo to your facebook, twitter and linkedin accounts.
  • Professionally Designed Marketing Print Materials: Proven print ready materials. Members get print ready files for review business card, table tent, post card .

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Employee Customer Champion Training

You can’t do it alone so we train you staff, converting them from unmotivated employees to customer champions who provide the exceptional service your customer’s desire so you begin to get more repeat business, referrals and the great reviews your business deserves. Happy customers, referrals and great reviews will add thousands to your monthly bottom-line.

Certainly you agree that help like this would do so much to turn things around and help you to finally build your dream business, you’ll make more while working less, you’ll be able to spend quality time with family doing things you love to do and finally be able to put something back towards retirement, you’ll be proud of the business that you’ve created one of prosperity and stability.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, you’re protected by our never ending 30 day money back guarantee. Don’t wait and miss out on this opportunity. We do most of the heavy lifting for you.

Armed with the employee training,  automated review tools and excellent member support we provide, you can make a difference. You alone can decide to make more money, close more sales, win more clients. With less work, less stress and greater satisfaction.

The Smart Marketing Wizard is a perfect alternative to more expensive review and reputation solutions like Customer Lobby, providing member businesses exceptional results at a fraction of the cost of other review & reputation services.

Fight Back against bad reviews, Get all the good reviews you need from your actual customers.

make more money

And finally have the peace of mind from the increased financial security, which is truly PRICELESS!

everything is included

Yes, You Really Can Have It All!



Armed with our done for you review services, and employee training, you’ll make more money, close more sales, win more clients and referrals with less work, less stress and greater satisfaction or your money back.

Surely you can see how valuable this suite of tools are and how they can dramatically increase your income.

Imagine  only 1 modest  additional $250.00  a week missed sale, that’s $12,990.00 in lost income  from your procrastination  a year by you not taking action today.

And that’s only missing one additional sale a week we and we both know you’re really missing a lot more.

P.S. The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing and expecting  different results.  Aren’t you tired; tired of struggling, banging your head against the wall trying to figure out how to get all of the reviews you need to get more prospects to choose you over your competitors?

Isn’t it time for some real help so you can stop going at it alone?

Are you ready for a change?  If you don’t do this now, I’ve got to give you a warning; Nothing’s going to change in your life or your business for the better, until you take massive action.

It will remain the same,  it’s sorta sucks now, and next month it’s going to suck a little bit more and your life’s and business will remain the same until you make up your mind right now to change it.   So here’s what I want you to do,  get your credit card out right now and take the first step to less stress, less work and more profits.

P.P.S. Remember we are the only total done for you solution designed especially for local businesses.

Also Remember, we coach your Un-interested, UN-enthused employees into customer champions so they begin to give your customers the exceptional service they expect so you get the repeat business, referrals and awesome reviews your business deserves.

All of which will add thousands to your bottom-line.

Remember, you can’t lose, we assume all the risk with our  never ending 30 day money back guarantee, that’s right never ending.

The Smart Marketing Wizard – The Best Now Available for Local Businesses

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