About Smart Marketing Wizard

People Often Ask Us,  Why We Do What We Do?

Our answer is simple; The Internet is truly the Wild, Wild West…

Online reviews have forever changed the way brick and morter businesses view the Importance of the Internet.

As marketing changed, we’ve evolved and also mastered all things marketing online.

Stop wasting your time counting website visitors, facebook friends and twitter followers and starting counting more money.

All businesses do not need every new Internet tool introduced. But what they do need is a dependable automated method of getting customer reviews.

We Arm you with what you need so you how to use the power of Internet Reviews to convert more prospects into paying customers that buy again and refer others.

We say enough to the empty promises of slick salesmen who are getting  rich on the backs of honest hard working mature business owners by selling the latest, greatest Internet tool with no direction on how to really use it properly to get customers and make more money.  After all isn’t that the goal?

You see we were once where you are now, we’ve run brick and mortar businesses, managed employees and met payrolls.  We’ve also had to deal with demanding clients and less than enthusiastic employees.

The Internet is critical to your business success; however it can be a confusing place to maneuver. If you make the wrong move, hire the wrong Internet Guru, you could risk your nest egg, your business and your good name.  It can all be gone overnight.

Why go at it alone?

We’re a team of well seasoned computer geeks, internet experts, direct response marketers and customer satisfaction coaches.   With our help you’ll discover how to get all of the great reviews you need from your happy customers and how to deal with unhappy customers before they go online to leave a bad review.

If you want to get the information, advice and direction you need to grow, prosper and have the business you deserve.

How can I get in touch?

We love emails and hope you’ll send us one.

Phone is good, too. Dial 1-713-936.2690.

Where are you?

Our headquarters is located in Seabrook, Texas.

Who’s behind this thing?

The Smart Marketing Wizard is run by a great team of well seasoned technology enthusiasts, development gurus and sales executives.

Can I work there, too?

Yep! We’re always looking for great people who want to help 50+ local businesses do business better, faster and get better results by better understanding the Internet and how it works best in their business so that they are better able to compete in a confusing and ever-changing Internet space.  Our employees love challenges and figuring out creative ways to solve them. If this sounds like you, send a note and your resume to: careers@smartmarketingwizard.com.

What does your office look like?

Imagine The Ritz Carton crossed with Graceland, only with more purple shag carpeting, a big disco ball spinning in the lobby as our elevator music plays  “Come Together” By The Beatles . Wait, that’s what we wish our offices look like.  LOL! Join Us!

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