Do You Have Bad Yelp Reviews?

bad yelp reviews

Bad Yelp Reviews!

Do you have bad Yelp Reviews? One way to know if you have bad yelp reviews is to run a free bad review report at .  See what your unhappy customers are saying about you.  The report is free and scrapes the top 20 online review sites.  In seconds see what your unhappy customers have posted to Yelp and other online review sites from all across the web, other sites like Yahoo, Google, Insiderpages, AVVO, Healthgrades, Citysearch, Bing and more.  You also get your businesses online reputation score absolutely free.

Bad Yelp Reviews Cost Local Businesses Thousands?

Bad ratings and reviews posted online to Yelp are read by your potential customers and could cost you to lose thousands monthly in sales to your competition.  Neilson, a national survey and data gatherer of consumer opinions, reported last year that over 72% of consumers read and trust business ratings and reviews posted online.  Few, Bad and No reviews are major reasons why potential customers choose your competition instead of you.  Would you choose a business and trust them to care for your child if they had bad yelp reviews  written by past unsatisfied customers? Take 3 small businesses, one has no reviews, the next has 2 good reviews and 1 bad  review and the 3rd business had 10 very good reviews posted by real customers using their actual email addresses and perhaps even a picture of them. Which one would you choose?

How To Fix Bad Yelp Reviews!

Bad Yelp Reviews posted by real unhappy customers cannot be removed.  Further, online review sites like Yelp and Yahoo have disclaimers stating that they are not responsible for reviews posted on their site.  Sites like Yahoo, Google, Bing, Superpages, Angies List & Yelp provide prime Internet  space for unhappy customers to post anything they want about you, accurate or not. The only way to really fix bad reviews is to make it right and after, ask the customer to remove it and always be asking your happy customers to post a review about what a great job your business did for them.  Sadly most local business owners are busy with day to operations and don’t even know that their customer had a bad experience.  By the time they are made aware the unfavorable review is already posted.  If you have a bad Yelp review until you deal with it, matters will only get worse.  Bad reviews are your customers telling you what is wrong with your business.  Listen and take what they say seriously and work to fix the holes in your business. If you think that business is bad because of a down economy and you have bad Yelp reviews, think again. You should consider The Smart Marketing Wizard, it helps fix bad reviews using an amazing spin on traditional Reputation Marketing.

Posting fake reviews is not the solution, review sites have filters and can determine with great accuracy if a review is real or not.  Reviews need to be posted by actual customers, across many review sites over a period of time. Keep reading to discover what many savvy local business owners found to monitor their businesses online reputation 24/7, get great reviews posted to different online review sites, consistently by their real customers.  They even get employee reputation training so that everyone on staff understands the importance of making sure that customers have an exceptional experience every time they buy. All these things plus a lot more.

Fight Back Against Bad Yelp Reviews!

When people read about you, before they call and hire you, they turn to the Internet to see what past customers have to say about the quality of your product or service. If only to get your business hours or phone number, when they search they find you and all of your bad reviews. With the birth of the Internet your business reputation is right there for all potential customers to see. Savvy local business owners are fighting back. They’ve discovered  The Smart Marketing Wizard. This proprietary, patent pending technology works 24/7 allowing you to sleep better at night by providing you with:

  • 24/7 Online Reputation Monitoring
  • Help Stop Bad Reviews
  • Get Real Reviews From Your Actual Satisfied Customers
  • Employee Customer Service – And Reputation Training,
  • Business Owner Customer Service And Reputation Training
  • Location Based Reporting – Monitors 1 to 100 Locations, Unique Reporting.
  • Bad Ratings And Review Response Templates
  • Stream Reviews To Your Website
  • Bad Review Response Templates


5 Things You Should Know Before Responding to Negative Yelp Reviews

  • Be Empathetic And Don’t Get Defensive: Avoid an online battle at all costs.
  • Engage The Customer – If you are not entirely sure what the complaint is about, engage the customer for more feedback about why they were dissatisfied.
  • Create A Personal Dialogue – When you respond to an unsatisfied customer review you want to come across as sincere and honest. Authentic and personal responses to negative reviews will do wonders for building your brand On the Internet.
  • Know When To Say When – Be honest in your response and ready to accept that there are just some requests you can’t fulfill.
  • Refund, Discount, Or Free OfferThe small amount of money you spend on a special offer for an UN-happy customer may save you thousands.

Positive Yelp Reviews Can Add Thousands To Your Monthly Bottom Line

Each day potential customers are looking for what you sell.  Often all they see is what is written about you online.  What are your customers saying about you?

The Smart Marketing Wizard gives your business the edge it needs to Fix Bad Yelp Reviews and position you as a Trusted Local Business. No other Reputation Marketing Company combines cutting edge, patent pending technology utilizing affordable yet effective Reputation Marketing Techniques designed to get customers to choose you.

Yelp Reviews can be really bad for you if they are bad, however incredibly good for you if they are real good!

Improve what potential customers read about your business. Discover how to get good Yelp Reviews using:

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