Top 5 Areas of Marketing where Business Marketing Tools Lead to Business Success

Have you ever seen a carpenter build anything without tools? The same applies to businesses, especially online. Business owners need to invest in the right business marketing tools to grow their business and help it stay competitive in its market.  In no particular order (indeed, the type of business would dictate which business marketing tools should be top priority), here are five areas of marketing where tools can most definitely lead to business success:

  • Analytics – You can’t know how well you’re doing in any facet of your business or marketing if you can’t track your performance. Worse, in internet marketing, there are too many metrics and key performance indicators to track – so much so that you simply cannot do without a good Analytics tool.
  • Relationship Marketing – Relationship marketing encompasses creating a good customer relationship, customer satisfaction, reputation building and lead nurturing. Basically everything that relates to building a good business-consumer relationship to secure those repeat sales are included; it’s too complex an area of marketing to not have any tools to automate the processes and make them simpler and more convenient.
  • Social Media – Social media tools range from automatic status updates or “Tweeters” to social intelligence gathering analytics tools. Your business needs will dictate what sorts of social media tools you will require, but you will require some of them, for sure. For new and small local businesses, social syndication tools are quite handy too.
  • Campaign Collaboration – Any business will have multiple marketing campaigns and each campaign will have its own processes and requirements. How can you keep everything organized? Campaign collaboration dashboards collect nearly everything you need into one hub where collaboration between involved people within a campaign is made seamless and more convenient, regardless of differences in time zones or locations.
  • Real-Time Communication – While mane campaign collaboration business marketing tools offer real-time communications options, you might still want to consider perusing an alternate tool dedicated to communication. The business marketing tool should take into consideration your priorities (e.g. relationship marketing) as well as your business needs (more on VoIP, more video conferences, et al).

Any local business intent on success today should have marketing tools in these five areas of their marketing. Get more information on the powerful suite of reputation tools offered by the Smart Marketing Wizard, and remember Cassandra provides live customer service and reputation training for member businesses.

Cassandra trains your staff to deliver the exceptional customer service your customers expect so you build strong relationships and get the great reviews you deserve.

Get the facts here:

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What if Google Went Away?

Is Google, A Goldmine for Small Business Success or Simply Fools Gold?

Google Deleted the internetA stable business requires more than one leg (Google) to stand on.

Many small business owners make the critical mistake of focusing on only one media to generate new business, which is SEO To rank well on Google.

Many businesses pay SEO firms handsomely for a coveted 1st. Page Google Ranking.

Don’t get me wrong, businesses who are not using online media are making a big mistake.

However businesses who only use one form of media such as SEO to generate leads and prospects for their business is making an even bigger mistake.

Here’s Why …

Business Owners usually ramp up staff, office space, equipment and inventory based on current business demand.

If a business does this, and have grown their business solely based on their first page Google position, what happens if one day Google changes the way they determine who appears on page one? 

Overnight without warning a business’s Google website ranking (for no apparent reasons other than Google had an algorithm change or your SEO guy screwed up and got too agreesive under pressure to get you results) can fall from page 1 to 100, especially in light of all the recent Google updates like Panda, Penguin & Hummingbird.

Paying for SEO services does not guarantee any business a first page Google ranking. Google and Google only determines that.  Business owners don’t really understand how SEO works and the possible pitfalls, their expectations are misguided .  Which sets them  up, for failure.

A lesson that recently thousands of business owners have unfortunately learned the hard way.

Most were unprepared, they didn’t have any other tools in place to generate leads and prospects.

What Can You Do?

Do what Savvy business owners do and take control of your marketing by having several tools in place all working to keep your marketing funnel full at all times.

That way if one tool breaks or stops working, you’ll still have other tools in place to keep your phone ringing until your site can rebound from a Google penalty. Providing it can.

Most business owners are busy and make the mistake of handing off the marketing and marketing decisions to a staffer of hired local marketer of SEO firm without fully understanding what exactly is being done on their behalf.

Big mistake, MARKETING is what brings the customers (THE MONEY) into your business. Every business owner should have at least a working knowledge of what their marketing consists of and any potential pitfalls associated with it.

Before you become a victim of a Google Algorithm change,  or hire a firm who uses questionable tactics, take time to understand what’s being done on your behalf and create a plan to diversify your marketing by using several marketing channels instead of just one.

To learn more about how an online misstep can wheel a devastating blow to your business go to: There you’ll find helpful articles, free training and tools to help guarantee your business success.

Cassandra Segoviano



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How To Get People To Choose Your Business When They Are Ready To Buy

By Cassandra Segoviano

I want you to think about when, why and how you buy.

Answer the following questions:
Will you go out to eat one or more times this week?
Will you buy a new computer, TV, or other electronic device in the next 6 months to one year?
You might be looking to buy a new computer right now, others might be thinking of upgrading in the next year.
You most likely will eat out at least once this month. And go to the dentist in the next six months to get your teeth cleaned and an exam.

Turning Prospects into Loyan CustomersMy point here is that everyone is at a different place in life’s continuous array of buying cycles.
And so are your customers. Some are looking for your products or services right now. Some don’t need them right now, but down the line, in six months to a year for example, they’ll need what you sell.

It’s difficult to exactly pinpoint when they will be ready, willing and able to purchase.

Now let me ask you a question…
Let’s say you had a spill that required you to get your carpet cleaned right away. Who would you be more likely to choose to clean your carpet?

Would you choose:
a. The carpet cleaning company from the phone book or one you found doing a Google search?
b. The carpet cleaning company you’ve driven past a few times?
c. The carpet cleaning company that sent you a free report on how to properly care for your carpet and extend its life and has been sending you tips to keep your carpet looking good for the past several months?
d. The carpet cleaning company who has a sign nailed to the pole on the side of the road?

Chances are you would pick “c”, the carpet cleaning company sending you tips because you’ve started to get to know them. Maybe you even used a tip or two that helped you, which makes you trust them a bit more.

In other words, you are starting to build a relationship with them.
Understanding that buyers are continually in different places in the buying cycle will help you understand the importance of having a lead generation and conversion machine in place. And understanding that if they have a relationship with you, then they are more likely to do business with you when they are ready to buy will help you capture more leads, convert more of those leads into paying customers, sell more, and keep you booked solid.

Remember to get more customers and make more sales, you need to have a lead generation and conversion system in place that will continually supply you with potential buyers in different stages of their buying process and convert more of those leads into buyers when they are ready.

A system that starts the conversation and makes a connection, and when it’s time for them to buy, you will be the only logical choice.

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Effective Reputation Marketing Helps Local Businesses Gain an Unfair Advantage Over Their Competition

Reputation Marketing is the best social marketing for local businesses.  Social media is increasingly becoming a central customer referral platform: according to Syncapse, up to 85% of fans of brands on the leading social networking site Facebook recommend the brands they follow to others. Furthermore, according to HubSpot, lead conversion rates are 13% higher on social media. In this landscape of social recommendations, consumer reviews and word of mouth are critical factors to local business success, especially with the growth of review sites like Yelp.

An effective Relationship Marketing Strategy aims to leverage the social aspect of consumer reviews and leverage these to the benefit of local businesses. Reputation marketing and management were originally concepts related to public relations, but digital developments on the web have shifted the concept to encompass social media and search engines. An Outbrain study found that search is the top driver of visitors to websites. Additionally, GroupM notes that when consumers are exposed to a brand through both social media and search, they are 94% more likely to click-through to the brand’s websites or links.

Good consumer reviews are proof of the excellent goods or services delivered by local businesses and the good relationship between them and their customers. This proof is the best form of social marketing available: social validation.

Social validation, more typically referred to as social proof in psychology, is simply put in Dr. Robert Chialdini’s book “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.” In the book, Chialdini says “When we are uncertain about what to do we will look to other people to guide us. And we do this automatically and unconsciously.” This concept is magnified manifold by social media on the web, where a single negative review can spell disastrous results for a local business. In fact, Harvard University looked into Yelp reviews and found that a 1-star difference in review scores can lead to a possible business loss of 5 to 9%.

Customer Relationship Marketing approaches reputation and relationship management for local businesses in a way that maximizes the potential of social media and consumer reviews. The business provides great service, the customers provide excellent reviews, and the business reputation is continuously built upon and marketed. The Leadership Lion blog is an up-to-date source of information on reputation marketing and reputation management. Visit the website at




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BONUS: Consumers are Fighting Back

Hi There!

“This email is part of a series exploring how your consumers take their purchase journey. If you missed the previous email, it might have gotten lost in your spam folders. Add our email address to your whitelist so you don’t miss out on important information for your business. You can view a web version of the previous email here:

So you’ve experienced being in Steve and Joy’s shoes and how online reviews and your business reputation can make or break the consumer’s purchase decision. We wanted to give you a bonus tip, however: a piece of information that at first might seem simple, but in truth is quite significant.

Your consumers are fighting back.

With the ability to quickly get online and leave a piece of their mind, consumers are fighting back and actively letting people know how they’ve been treated by a business. This shift in the business-consumer relationship is putting more pressure on the customer service teams that function to please customers. But wait, let me ask you a question:

Do you have a customer service team or a customer satisfaction team?

It’s not a cheesy change of title, and it doesn’t mean the same thing. With how easy it is for dissatisfied consumers to leave negative feedback about your business, it’s time to understand that now, more than ever, the customers are in charge. Understand that this has always been the case, but today the significance of the difference between simply serving the customer and ensuring he’s satisfied is considerably more impactful to your bottom-line. Here’s the deal:

Your consumers should be SATISFIED with the EXPERIENCE your service DELIVERS.

Your business should not only deliver great products and services, but also great customer experience through being transparent, authentic, and honest. Remember that your brand reputation is always at stake. We’ve mentioned some of the features the Smart Marketing Wizard offers to handle the management, monitoring, and marketing of your reputation, but one of our most important features tackles the customer experience:

Smart Marketing Wizard offers customer service training for both business owners and employees.

You need to gain the respect and trust of your customers. Remember: Great Reputations are Built, not Bought. We wanted to make sure we leave you with that thought; it’s a fundamental step to understanding how powerful your reputation is.

 To Your Online Success,
Cassandra Maria Segoviano
Voted #6 Top 100 U.S. Relationship Marketing Trainers

How To Build A 5 Star Reputation Fast

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Maximizing Sales and Encouraging Repeat Business

Hi There!
“This email is part of a series exploring how your consumers take their purchase journey. If you missed the previous email, it might have gotten lost in your spam folders. Add our email address to your whitelist so you don’t miss out on important information for your business. You can view a web version of the previous email here:

Success! Steve and Joy get to the end of your sales funnel and make a purchase. What do you do now?

The actual sale is not the end of the sales funnel.

Every end is a beginning, they say. In this case, that’s true. Here are three things you can do to maximize closing your sales funnel:

1.       Upsell or cross-sell, and add urgent motivation: Maximize your sale by offering up sales or cross sales of relevant services and products. Just remember the golden combination: relevance, urgency, and motivation. Make sure the offer is relevant to the customer, offer them motivation for buying it (such as it adds more value for their money or the product or service goes well with their current purchase), and add a sense of urgency (limited stock or a timed discount offer).

2.       Remind Steve or Joy to leave feedback you can use, and promote spreading the word: After the close of the sale, remind (encourage) Steve or Joy to leave feedback on their experience. This may take too much time for some people, so at least offer the more convenient options of automatic social sharing through social buttons if they purchase online. If they purchased in a store, you can go for promotions like taking a picture of them with their new purchase and posting it on your website, the link for which you can then send to them.

3.       Respond to issues or complaints raised (anywhere, anytime): This actually applies even before the close of the sale, as some people would directly ask the businesses about something during research before making a purchase (such as through social media pages). Always respond to questions, issues, and especially complaints. As much as 84% of consumers expect a reply from a trustworthy business, and would be less likely to purchase from said business if they do not reply.

From training you and your employees on how to deliver great customer service to helping you build, maintain, and protect your reputation, the Smart Marketing Wizard is fully equipped to not only help you make new customers out of Steve and Joy, but also keep them for life and leverage their positive reviews to your advantage.

We hope you had a very enlightening time putting Steve’s and Joy’s shoes on for the duration of our series. Feel free to contact us for more information about reputation management, marketing, and customer service. Remember: Good Reputations are Built, Not Bought!

See you soon!

Cassandra Maria Segoviano

Build a Stellar Reputation Training Links Below
Free Bad Review Help
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Business Reputation Can Make Your Customers Fall Out of Your Sales Funnel

Hi There!
“This email is part of a series exploring how your consumers take their purchase journey. If you missed the previous email, it might have gotten lost in your spam folders. Add our email address to your whitelist so you don’t miss out on important information for your business. You can view a web version of the previous email here:

Finally, Steve and Joy enter your sales funnel. Bad reviews won’t get them now, right? Wrong.

A sales funnel isn’t an immediate, one-way road to a sale.

Depending on how complex your sales funnel is and at what part Steve and Joy are, it will take some time for it to lead to a sale – 47% of sales revenue come from purchases that take more than one day to cross the sales funnel. If Steve researches your website and service thoroughly and he wants to purchase online, then his funnel will be pretty short. Let’s say he enters near the middle because he’s well past “awareness” and “consideration” thanks to online research; he only needs to go to your website, check out with his stuff and pay.

Joy, on the other hand, needs to take the time to actually go to your physical store because she wants to buy personally. This allows for a lot of time for Joy to be persuaded otherwise by negative reviews. Steve too, if he becomes a lead instead of a customer outright, will be exposed not only to your emails and nurturing tactics, but outside influences as well. If these two are like 80% of people online who changed their minds about a service or product after reading a negative review, then they both have enough time to walk away from your sales funnel.

The solution isn’t immediately shortening your funnel; it’s making sure your nurturing matches your reputation.

Even when Steve and Joy are already in your sales funnel, they can still be and will be influenced by your reputation. Even if they are bombarded by inbound marketing efforts and lead nurturing, they are still susceptible to change their minds.

The Smart Marketing Wizard’s holistic approach that spans customer service to leveraging positive reviews ensures that your sales funnel is squeaky clean enough to draw Steve and Joy in without problems. It starts with your reputation.

So finally, Steve and Joy complete your sales funnel and make a purchase, what then? Next time, we’ll see how you proper handling of the sales funnel’s close boosts your reputation and contributes to return business.

See you soon!

Review & Reputation Training Links Below
 Free Bad Review Help
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How Customers See Your Business in Review Sites

Hi There!

“This email is part of a series exploring how your consumers take their purchase journey. If you missed the previous email, it might have gotten lost in your spam folders. Add our email address to your whitelist so you don’t miss out on important information for your business. You can view a web version of the previous email here:

Steve and Joy are looking at reviews about your business on popular review sites like Yahoo! And Yelp! What do you think they would see? How do you think your reviews will affect their purchase decision?

In 2011, traffic to review sites like Yelp jumped 158% from the previous year.

Given the popularity of websites dedicated to reviewing businesses (and people more than willing to share their opinions online), it’s common sense for Steve and Joy to research your business on some of the largest review sites on the web. They will also research on local listings, and you should be listed in as many review sites and listings as possible. To see if your business has bad reviews check out:  – Top 20 Review Sites Reporting.

Steve trusts the reviews on these sites because 97% of the time, consumers who researched these reviews found them to be accurate. Guess how much new clientele your business will get if a majority of your reviews on these sites are bad? Let’s take a look at what Joy is doing: Joy finds a store she likes on Google. Now she hops into Yelp.

Yelp has over 78 million monthly users.

More than half of the users on Yelp say they would use a business with a good reputation on the website. Joy would probably agree. What about the other half? Well, they’d continue looking elsewhere, of course. If Joy were part of this half, she’d probably go to another review site to put the pieces together, or perhaps jump back into Google.

A one star improvement on your business rating on Yelp corresponds to a 9% revenue increase.

Joy jumps back and forth between search engines and review sites. This is how complex user research online can be – even before they start their purchase journey in your sales funnel. Remember, they can research your business even without visiting your website.

The Smart Marketing Wizard monitors your business listings on Top Review Sites for new reviews and alerts you automatically, making sure you’re always on top of your reputation.

 Joy and even Steve can jump from one channel of research to another. Things get really crazy when social media comes into play – we’ll see how things go next time.

See you soon!

Bad Review Help – Training Links Below
Free Bad Review Help
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Building Customers Through Reputation Marketing

While building their businesses, many business owners focus on what is the monthly bottom-line. Admittedly local businesses need to financially secure, and entrepreneurs should do their level best to ensure that, but they also need to remember that a financial security tends to follow a good company reputation. The strategists at The Smart Marketing Wizard are quick to point out, why bother to get a good Google or Yahoo ranking if all everyone sees are your businesses bad ratings and reviews.

 The Customer Must Come First

You should actually care about creating an exceptional customer experience for everyone who visits your business. It must be a sincere effort. The call from a client to your customer service representative can result in a review, good or bad. Although it may seem that a single negative review may not do any harm, in the era of online venting, its independence to an unhappy customer looking for someone, anyone to tell about how bad your business treated them.  Creating an exceptional customer experience is branding at its most fundamental level; put your customers first and they will buy again and tell their co-workers-friends and family members about you.

As Hard As You Work To Please Your Customers You Still May Get A Negative Review

Regardless of the drive behind your reputation marketing or how sincere you are when it comes to ensuring that you have excellent customer service, getting a bad review could be just a matter of time. All it takes is for your customer service representative to have a bad day you overbooked and simply could not keep the appointment. Things happen, however, bad reviews can be a golden opportunity to turn an unhappy customer into a raving fan! Give it a try today and get the power of The Smart Marketing Wizard working for you. We have a never ending you’re happy guarantee, so all you have to lose are your bad reviews!

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How To Fix Bad Yahoo Reviews

Bad Yahoo Reviews

Does your business have bad yahoo reviews?   Bad reviews cost local businesses thousands in lost revenue each month.  Bad Yahoo Reviews posted online by unhappy customers once read often times causes the prospect to simply click to your competitor’s website.   Bad online ratings and reviews true or not can and will affect your monthly bottom-line.

Fight Back, Stop Allowing Bad Yahoo Reviews to Cost You Money

Get the power of the Smart Marketing Wizard working for you.  Savvy local business owners have discovered that Good Yahoo Reviews actually help to deliver pre-sold customers who buy and refer others.

It all starts with good customer service.  An un-happy customer is 15 times more likely to tell others about their bad experience with your business than a happy customer.  It is important to work to address customer complaints and concerns swiftly.

Do you even know all of the review sites that you might have bad reviews posted on?  There are over 10 top review sites that local businesses need to monitor.  Sadly with all that a business owner has to deal with in a day often they don’t even know that a customer was not satisfied with their purchase until it is too late and the frustrated customer has already took to the Internet to post a Bad Yahoo Review.  Simply enter your business phone number and get our instant FREE BAD REVIEW REPORT.

One of the features of the Smart Marketing Wizard is 24/7 Reputation Monitoring.  We monitor your profile pages on the top sites and immediately alert you if a bad review is posted.

Streaming Reviews on Your Website – We stream your good reviews from across the Internet right to your website helping to convert more of your website visitors into paying customers.

Your employees are often the only interaction your customer has with your business.  As a successful business owner you must learn how to hire slow, fire fast and train your employees well.   The Smart Marketing Wizard provides training materials for both the business owner and employees on how to give exceptional customer service.

Respond To Your Bad Yahoo Reviews

Responding to bad reviews posted online ranks second only to resolving to unhappy customer problems before they post a bad review.  Done right responding creates an opportunity to turn an unfortunate situation around.  However Bad Yahoo Reviews left unattended or handled poorly can and often simply makes matters worse.  We provide review response templates so you have the ammunition you need to respond appropriately.

Getting good reviews from your happy customers needs to be a regular marketing task.  Most owners   are simply too busy to both thank every customer after their purchase and ask them for a review.  Each is a missed opportunity to have your happy customers tell people who need your products and service about how happy they are and why they should also hire you.  The Smart Marketing  Wizard does both, thanks each customer after the sale and asks to insure they are indeed a satisfied customer getting good reviews posted online about your business each month.  And if for some reason you missed the mark, The Smart Marketing Wizard immediately notifies you so that you or a designated staff member can jump right in, make it right, and often preventing bad reviews.

Stomp Bad Yahoo Reviews

Get The Power of Reputation Marketing & The Smart Marketing Working For You!


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