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So you’ve experienced being in Steve and Joy’s shoes and how online reviews and your business reputation can make or break the consumer’s purchase decision. We wanted to give you a bonus tip, however: a piece of information that at first might seem simple, but in truth is quite significant.

Your consumers are fighting back.

With the ability to quickly get online and leave a piece of their mind, consumers are fighting back and actively letting people know how they’ve been treated by a business. This shift in the business-consumer relationship is putting more pressure on the customer service teams that function to please customers. But wait, let me ask you a question:

Do you have a customer service team or a customer satisfaction team?

It’s not a cheesy change of title, and it doesn’t mean the same thing. With how easy it is for dissatisfied consumers to leave negative feedback about your business, it’s time to understand that now, more than ever, the customers are in charge. Understand that this has always been the case, but today the significance of the difference between simply serving the customer and ensuring he’s satisfied is considerably more impactful to your bottom-line. Here’s the deal:

Your consumers should be SATISFIED with the EXPERIENCE your service DELIVERS.

Your business should not only deliver great products and services, but also great customer experience through being transparent, authentic, and honest. Remember that your brand reputation is always at stake. We’ve mentioned some of the features the Smart Marketing Wizard offers to handle the management, monitoring, and marketing of your reputation, but one of our most important features tackles the customer experience:

Smart Marketing Wizard offers customer service training for both business owners and employees.

You need to gain the respect and trust of your customers. Remember: Great Reputations are Built, not Bought. We wanted to make sure we leave you with that thought; it’s a fundamental step to understanding how powerful your reputation is.

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Cassandra Maria Segoviano
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