Business Reputation Can Make Your Customers Fall Out of Your Sales Funnel

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Finally, Steve and Joy enter your sales funnel. Bad reviews won’t get them now, right? Wrong.

A sales funnel isn’t an immediate, one-way road to a sale.

Depending on how complex your sales funnel is and at what part Steve and Joy are, it will take some time for it to lead to a sale – 47% of sales revenue come from purchases that take more than one day to cross the sales funnel. If Steve researches your website and service thoroughly and he wants to purchase online, then his funnel will be pretty short. Let’s say he enters near the middle because he’s well past “awareness” and “consideration” thanks to online research; he only needs to go to your website, check out with his stuff and pay.

Joy, on the other hand, needs to take the time to actually go to your physical store because she wants to buy personally. This allows for a lot of time for Joy to be persuaded otherwise by negative reviews. Steve too, if he becomes a lead instead of a customer outright, will be exposed not only to your emails and nurturing tactics, but outside influences as well. If these two are like 80% of people online who changed their minds about a service or product after reading a negative review, then they both have enough time to walk away from your sales funnel.

The solution isn’t immediately shortening your funnel; it’s making sure your nurturing matches your reputation.

Even when Steve and Joy are already in your sales funnel, they can still be and will be influenced by your reputation. Even if they are bombarded by inbound marketing efforts and lead nurturing, they are still susceptible to change their minds.

The Smart Marketing Wizard’s holistic approach that spans customer service to leveraging positive reviews ensures that your sales funnel is squeaky clean enough to draw Steve and Joy in without problems. It starts with your reputation.

So finally, Steve and Joy complete your sales funnel and make a purchase, what then? Next time, we’ll see how you proper handling of the sales funnel’s close boosts your reputation and contributes to return business.

See you soon!

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