How Customers See Your Business in Review Sites

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Steve and Joy are looking at reviews about your business on popular review sites like Yahoo! And Yelp! What do you think they would see? How do you think your reviews will affect their purchase decision?

In 2011, traffic to review sites like Yelp jumped 158% from the previous year.

Given the popularity of websites dedicated to reviewing businesses (and people more than willing to share their opinions online), it’s common sense for Steve and Joy to research your business on some of the largest review sites on the web. They will also research on local listings, and you should be listed in as many review sites and listings as possible. To see if your business has bad reviews check out:  – Top 20 Review Sites Reporting.

Steve trusts the reviews on these sites because 97% of the time, consumers who researched these reviews found them to be accurate. Guess how much new clientele your business will get if a majority of your reviews on these sites are bad? Let’s take a look at what Joy is doing: Joy finds a store she likes on Google. Now she hops into Yelp.

Yelp has over 78 million monthly users.

More than half of the users on Yelp say they would use a business with a good reputation on the website. Joy would probably agree. What about the other half? Well, they’d continue looking elsewhere, of course. If Joy were part of this half, she’d probably go to another review site to put the pieces together, or perhaps jump back into Google.

A one star improvement on your business rating on Yelp corresponds to a 9% revenue increase.

Joy jumps back and forth between search engines and review sites. This is how complex user research online can be – even before they start their purchase journey in your sales funnel. Remember, they can research your business even without visiting your website.

The Smart Marketing Wizard monitors your business listings on Top Review Sites for new reviews and alerts you automatically, making sure you’re always on top of your reputation.

 Joy and even Steve can jump from one channel of research to another. Things get really crazy when social media comes into play – we’ll see how things go next time.

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