How To Fix Bad Yahoo Reviews

Bad Yahoo Reviews

Does your business have bad yahoo reviews?   Bad reviews cost local businesses thousands in lost revenue each month.  Bad Yahoo Reviews posted online by unhappy customers once read often times causes the prospect to simply click to your competitor’s website.   Bad online ratings and reviews true or not can and will affect your monthly bottom-line.

Fight Back, Stop Allowing Bad Yahoo Reviews to Cost You Money

Get the power of the Smart Marketing Wizard working for you.  Savvy local business owners have discovered that Good Yahoo Reviews actually help to deliver pre-sold customers who buy and refer others.

It all starts with good customer service.  An un-happy customer is 15 times more likely to tell others about their bad experience with your business than a happy customer.  It is important to work to address customer complaints and concerns swiftly.

Do you even know all of the review sites that you might have bad reviews posted on?  There are over 10 top review sites that local businesses need to monitor.  Sadly with all that a business owner has to deal with in a day often they don’t even know that a customer was not satisfied with their purchase until it is too late and the frustrated customer has already took to the Internet to post a Bad Yahoo Review.  Simply enter your business phone number and get our instant FREE BAD REVIEW REPORT.

One of the features of the Smart Marketing Wizard is 24/7 Reputation Monitoring.  We monitor your profile pages on the top sites and immediately alert you if a bad review is posted.

Streaming Reviews on Your Website – We stream your good reviews from across the Internet right to your website helping to convert more of your website visitors into paying customers.

Your employees are often the only interaction your customer has with your business.  As a successful business owner you must learn how to hire slow, fire fast and train your employees well.   The Smart Marketing Wizard provides training materials for both the business owner and employees on how to give exceptional customer service.

Respond To Your Bad Yahoo Reviews

Responding to bad reviews posted online ranks second only to resolving to unhappy customer problems before they post a bad review.  Done right responding creates an opportunity to turn an unfortunate situation around.  However Bad Yahoo Reviews left unattended or handled poorly can and often simply makes matters worse.  We provide review response templates so you have the ammunition you need to respond appropriately.

Getting good reviews from your happy customers needs to be a regular marketing task.  Most owners   are simply too busy to both thank every customer after their purchase and ask them for a review.  Each is a missed opportunity to have your happy customers tell people who need your products and service about how happy they are and why they should also hire you.  The Smart Marketing  Wizard does both, thanks each customer after the sale and asks to insure they are indeed a satisfied customer getting good reviews posted online about your business each month.  And if for some reason you missed the mark, The Smart Marketing Wizard immediately notifies you so that you or a designated staff member can jump right in, make it right, and often preventing bad reviews.

Stomp Bad Yahoo Reviews

Get The Power of Reputation Marketing & The Smart Marketing Working For You!


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