How to Fix Bad Reviews

How To Fix Bad Reviews

As more unhappy customers take to the Internet to rant before the entire world about their experience with a local business, more and more bewildered business owners are trying to figure out how to fix bad reviews.  Bad reviews cost local businesses thousands per month in lost revenue to their competitors.  What good does it do to get to the top of Google, if when someone who needs what you sell, finds you, and all of your bad ratings and bad reviews?  Or just as bad, few or no reviews for you, yet your competitor have lots of raving reviews from their happy customers. Your business is losing out.

Myths On How To Fix Bad Reviews

First, you are unable to fix or remove a bad review left by an actual unhappy customer. (Continue reading to discover what you can do to fix your review problem).  Beware of reputation management companies who charge hefty fees with the promise of removing bad reviews.  Most get paid to simply post fake reviews to your profile pages on popular sites like Yelp, Google, and City Search.  Even sites that charge a membership fee like Angie’s List really have little control over the validity of what a paid member writes about you.

Most reputation management companies say what they do is bury bad reviews.  Well, using what?  This is a very important question any business owner should consider asking before hiring them because the owner is ultimately responsible for what anyone they hire posts online.  Fake reviews can get your website banned from search engines like Google.

Here’s How to Fix Bad Reviews

A business owner needs to realize that a bad review is actually an unhappy customer looking to be heard, they want a resolution to their problem.  An owner’s ability to immediately know if a customer is unhappy and contacting them quickly and resolving the problem is priceless.  Not only does this decrease the odds dramatically that the customer goes online to post a negative review.  But your swift and assertive action to make things right, often times saves the sale and converts that unhappy customer into a loyal customer who buys again and refers others.  They will understand and be appreciative that you’ve contacted them and sincerely want to fix the problem. The Smart Marketing Wizard immediately alerts you of unhappy customers so you can resolve unhappy customer problems fast.  This is a key step on how to fix bad reviews.

How To Fix Bad Reviews

Unfortunately most owners don’t know what their customers are saying about them online or how to respond to a negative review posted about them.  Sleep better at night knowing that your business has 24/7 reputation monitoring by The Smart Marketing Wizard.  If by chance an unhappy customer wind up posting a bad review concerning your business, we provide you with templates to use to respond in a way that will let both them and others who read your response know you take customer complaints very seriously, this is not how you do business  and you are committed to resolving the issue fast.

Before you have to ask – How To Fix  Bad Reviews?

How To Fix Bad Reviews

Make sure all of your employees know the importance of making sure each customer has an exceptional customer experience.  From the production crew who produces your product, to the technician who answers the service call.  Anyone of these employees can leave a bad taste in your customer’s mouth.  With us you get to train all employees using our employee reputation training center.  Our training videos teach the importance of great customer service.  However, once trained, there’s only one thing you can do with an employee who doesn’t get it.  Fire them!  The success of your business depends on it.

Learning how to fix bad reviews correctly begins with Reputation Marketing.  Start by taking the time to thank each customer after the sale and getting glowing reviews from them.  Good reviews help potential customers choose you.  A study done by Neilson, a worldwide leader in market research, recently reported that when surveyed, 72% of consumers said they trust reviews posted online as much as a referral from a friend or family member.  That’s huge!

Would You Like To Know How To Fix Bad Reviews? Reputation marketing is all about being proactive about your online reputation.  Constantly building it up, making it stronger, and separating your business from the pack.  When it comes to Fixing Bad Reviews, The Smart Marketing Wizard is a business owner’s valued choice.  By providing you with our patent pending technology, client tools, and reputation marketing strategies, giving you the edge you need to Fix Bad Ratings & Reviews and position your business as The Trusted Market Leader in your area by building your 5 Star Online Reputation.

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