Immediate Unhappy Customer Alerts

Immediate unhappy customer alerts

Give you a competitive advantage.  We send you immediate alerts if a customer writes negative comments about your company so a specific department or person in your company can address it immediately.  

Your customers will appreciate your company’s personal attention and commitment to resolve their problem.  Consistent and swift action taken by you to address and solve a customer complaint will dramatically reduce negative reviews posted online about your business. 

Immediate Unhappy Customer Alerts

It is much easier and most times cheaper to address and solve customer problems fast.  Right or wrong, can you really afford negative reviews posted online about you?  Any business can have an off day, it’s how you handle the problem that’s important. 


The Smart Marketing Wizard provides you with the tools to help you address the problem and respond to any negative review you may have. Reputation marketing is proactive.  Your business is just one review away from a bad business reputation.  Why wait until you have to search online on how to remove bad reviews. Get the power of The Smart Marketing Wizard  working to build your stellar 5 star reputation providing you with all the tools you need including sending you immediate unhappy customer alerts.