Leverage Your Good Reviews to Outsell Your Competition

Stop Selling Based On Lowest Price – use Your Stellar Reviews To Attract Affluent Clients, Customers or Patients Who Want To Hire The Best – Guaranteed!

With A Solid Review Marketing Strategy, You’ll Get More Leads and More Customers Adding Thousands to your Monthly Bottom-line!

Good reviews send you pre-qualified, pre-sold customers because buyers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.

All We Do Is Reputation Marketing – We Have the Technology and Tools that Small Marketers Simply Don’t Have That Are Guaranteed To
Strengthen Your Great Online Reputation While Providing Your Business Proven Reputation Protection
To Help Keep Your Online Reputation Free of Negative Information That Could Cost you Thousands.

We Do Everything For You For Less Per Day Than A Cup of Designer Coffee.



If you have good reviews and a great online Reputation – You already have everything you need to crush your competitors and get more prospects looking to buy what you sell to choose you Now…

You’re “Just Not Doing It” the right way!

It’s how you leverage what you got that makes the difference

Successful brands have this figured out but keep their strategies close to the vest.  Unfortunately you, have been kept in the dark, until now.

Done wrong, it will just be a big old flop. However done right, your stellar reputation can quickly become the most valuable tool in your marketing toolkit adding thousands to your current monthly bottom-line.

With your good reputation, you’re way ahead of the game. Instead of having to clean up bad reviews and start from scratch building a 5 star online reputation. With my help and the awesome advantage my proprietary software will give you, in very little time you’ll dramatically increase your market share.

With my help, you’ll have all of the new clients, customers or patients you can handle. And you can do all this very easily! In fact, we can do most of this for you.

Right now there is a lot of chatter about businesses getting good reviews, and how you must have a 5 star reputation for your business. But has anybody showed you a step by step system for converting them effectively into paying customers? NO!

They just give you vague fluff and hype that will have zero effect on your businesses bottom-line, don’t they?

This strategy alone will make you more than you ever dreamed possible. But I don’t stop there, I use my 20+ years of marketing experience to also teach you and your team:

  • How to take even better care of your customers and turn them into referral machines.
  • How to streamline all of your marketing so that your reputation increases your advertising response rate driving your advertising ROI out the roof!
  • What the best local marketing strategies are so you maximize your ad spend.
  • How to reactivate inactive customers.
  • How to create a marketing funnel and deliver information that your customers and prospects will look forward to receiving so when they are ready to buy you are top of their minds.
  • How to up sale, cross sell adding additional dollars to your existing sales.
  • How to do social media the correct way.

Yes, that’s right I teach you the owner and your staff separately in my bi monthly training webinars.

Read, watch, listen and apply…

  •  You must be amazed at how quickly my marketing techniques shoot your new customer acquisition rate through the roof…
  • You must be thrilled at the income potential from both the training I provide and the unfair advantage you’ll have using my suite of tools, The Smart Marketing Wizard offers…
  • And you must be blown away on how easy it becomes to get prospects to choose you over your competition and get those straddling the fence to say yes…


You simply request a refund.

No hassles, no quibbles, no questions asked, we call it our never ending 30 day money back guarantee.

Take a look below at you get.  Everything you need is included in one low monthly price.

My Affordable, Yet Proven Reputation Marketing System Has Everything You Need to Keep Great Reviews Rolling In & Help You Use Your Great Reputation To Dominate Your Market.

Your 5 Star Reputation will become the most powerful tool in your marketing toolbox and make you more money than you ever dreamed possible.

You’re Backed By Our Never Ending 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!


Automation makes this all possible, it allows us to do more for our members businesses for less.

Check out the chart below and see for yourself what an incredible value I offer.  Don’t wait too long though,  we’re near capacity.

We don’t post fake positive reviews in the hope of drowning out your negative ones. You probably already considered that doing this can cause your website to be banned from search engines like Google, and you’re absolutely right. This is NOT how we do things because in the long run questionable tactics, it will only hurt your business.


Everything You Need Is Included
Here’s What You Get:
What’s in It for You?
How It Helps You Business

Entrepreneur 90-Day Reputation Boot Camp

Lead The Way To A Better Business Reputation – Learn how improving your customer’s experience boosts your business’ bottomline and how you as the business owner can lead the way to better customer service and a stellar reputation. An immediate and ongoing step by step how-to course.

The Entrepreneur Boot Camp is customer service training for entrepreneurs. Immediate and ongoing customer service training webinars that will equip you to lead your team creating an enviroment of delivering exceptional service with each sale within your business, which is the first and most important step in building your brand-consumer relationships and business reputation.

Employee 5 Star Service Reputation Class

Build Your All-Star Customer Service Team – We’ll help you create your own customer service A-Team that improves your relationships with your customers and your business reputation. Customers who receive excellent service will buy again and refer others. We provide both immediate and ongoing employee customer service training.

The Employee 5 Star Reputation Class is ongoing customer service training for your employees that strengthens their reputation marketing, customer service, and branding skills. They’ll learn how to take better care of your customers and why doing so helps ensure the success of the business and their positions with the company as well.

24/7 Reputation Protection Monitor

Keep Your Reputation Under Close Watch – 24 / 7 Web Monitoring – Be Alerted About Bad Reviews that get posted on the top 20 sites we monitor for you. We alert you if your business is dinged by a negative review with automatic bad review alerts.

The 24/7 Monitor is a 24 / 7 automatic business reputation monitor that watches the most popular review sites for any negative reviews about your business.

Bad Review Buster

Immediate Unhappy Customer Feedback – If a customer is unhappy with your product or service, it’s better if they learn it from them than the rest of the web. Get an instant alert if an unhappy customer provides feedback, so you can jump right in, make it right, save the deal, and most likely prevent a bad review.

The Bad Review Buster will gather feedback from customers with a problem or concern about your product or service they just purchased and instantly alert you sending you the customer contact info and details of the problem.

Right Response Templates

Get the help you need to respond to a bad review posted online – Not responding or responding wrong will only make matters worse. We give you the perfect words with which to frame your bad review responses and get the results you need.

Right Response Templates are a set of review response templates designed to help you reply to bad reviews with tact and eloquence.

Automated Review Request Bot

Get More Reviews – Never miss a golden opportunity to get a valuable review and boost your stellar reputation.

Review Bot takes the work out of acquiring customer reviews, allowing you to take care of more important business priorities.

The Stellar Review Streamer

Impress Your Audience – Get more prospects to choose you over your competetitors. Impress prospective customers by streaming your best reviews live from top review sites right to your websites home page.

The Stellar Review Streamer takes your best reviews from Google, Yahoo, Yelp and 13other popular websites to increase positive visibility for your business. Your prospects are able to see actual reviews from around the web without leaving your website. Both written and video reviews can be streamed, we also post one positive review for your business every day to either your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn pages.

The Repeat Business Boomerang

Stay Top Of Mind To Get More Sales – Convert more prospects into paying customers and make sure customers remember you when it’s time to buy again. Get more repeat business guaranteed by leading your customers deeper into your sales funnel. Automation makes this all possiable by scheduling email delivery of information your prospects will appreciate receiving from you. Tips and tricks, Coupons, special offers, new and improved services and more.

The Business Boomerang supersizes your sales through upselling, cross-selling, and inbound marketing to maximize revenue with guaranteed repeat business so you never miss an opportunity for more sales and referrals.

The Local Business Trust Seal

Wear Your Reputation with Pride – Increase Trust by Displaying The Local Business Trust Seal – Proudly display your business’ seal of trustworthiness and reputation to assure your audience that they’ll receive only the best from your business.

The Trust Seal is a visual assurance to your audience that your business complies with a strict code of ethics and you take customer service seriously.



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