Local Business Trust Seal

Local Business Trust SealLocal Business Trust Seal – If you own an Honest Local Business get ready for a SWEET sales-boost. Our Local Business Trust Seal helps your business stand out as a trusted local business which equals more sales.

Let you prospective customers know that you take good customer service seriously.

Every Smart Marketing Wizard member business can display our seal as long as they work to provide great customer service and abide by our trusted local business code of ethics which in a nutshell equals responding to and working to handle unhappy customer complaints efficiently.

Our Reputation Protection checks ‘n’ balances quickly weed out the “bad businesses who don’t take customer satisfaction seriously.  WARNING: if you run a dishonest, unethical business, we will cancel your license and refund your last regular months payment.

The Silent Local Business Killer – A Poor Online Reputation is responsible for local businesses losing thousands monthly and causing many to close their doors.

When a potential customer clicks on your active seal they’ll gain the confidence needed to choose you over your local competitors because they see that you are committed to providing excellent customer service and that you take customer complaints seriously.

You’ll also receive your Branded Trusted Local Business Profile page that is optimized to show in the search results when your business name is entered.  This is yet another way to influence what customers read about your business.

Customers and prospects often search your business name before they buy if only to get your business hours or phone number.  Providing another level of trust helping businesses choose you.