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Success! Steve and Joy get to the end of your sales funnel and make a purchase. What do you do now?

The actual sale is not the end of the sales funnel.

Every end is a beginning, they say. In this case, that’s true. Here are three things you can do to maximize closing your sales funnel:

1.       Upsell or cross-sell, and add urgent motivation: Maximize your sale by offering up sales or cross sales of relevant services and products. Just remember the golden combination: relevance, urgency, and motivation. Make sure the offer is relevant to the customer, offer them motivation for buying it (such as it adds more value for their money or the product or service goes well with their current purchase), and add a sense of urgency (limited stock or a timed discount offer).

2.       Remind Steve or Joy to leave feedback you can use, and promote spreading the word: After the close of the sale, remind (encourage) Steve or Joy to leave feedback on their experience. This may take too much time for some people, so at least offer the more convenient options of automatic social sharing through social buttons if they purchase online. If they purchased in a store, you can go for promotions like taking a picture of them with their new purchase and posting it on your website, the link for which you can then send to them.

3.       Respond to issues or complaints raised (anywhere, anytime): This actually applies even before the close of the sale, as some people would directly ask the businesses about something during research before making a purchase (such as through social media pages). Always respond to questions, issues, and especially complaints. As much as 84% of consumers expect a reply from a trustworthy business, and would be less likely to purchase from said business if they do not reply.

From training you and your employees on how to deliver great customer service to helping you build, maintain, and protect your reputation, the Smart Marketing Wizard is fully equipped to not only help you make new customers out of Steve and Joy, but also keep them for life and leverage their positive reviews to your advantage.

We hope you had a very enlightening time putting Steve’s and Joy’s shoes on for the duration of our series. Feel free to contact us for more information about reputation management, marketing, and customer service. Remember: Good Reputations are Built, Not Bought!

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Cassandra Maria Segoviano

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