How To Get People To Choose Your Business When They Are Ready To Buy

By Cassandra Segoviano

I want you to think about when, why and how you buy.

Answer the following questions:
Will you go out to eat one or more times this week?
Will you buy a new computer, TV, or other electronic device in the next 6 months to one year?
You might be looking to buy a new computer right now, others might be thinking of upgrading in the next year.
You most likely will eat out at least once this month. And go to the dentist in the next six months to get your teeth cleaned and an exam.

Turning Prospects into Loyan CustomersMy point here is that everyone is at a different place in life’s continuous array of buying cycles.
And so are your customers. Some are looking for your products or services right now. Some don’t need them right now, but down the line, in six months to a year for example, they’ll need what you sell.

It’s difficult to exactly pinpoint when they will be ready, willing and able to purchase.

Now let me ask you a question…
Let’s say you had a spill that required you to get your carpet cleaned right away. Who would you be more likely to choose to clean your carpet?

Would you choose:
a. The carpet cleaning company from the phone book or one you found doing a Google search?
b. The carpet cleaning company you’ve driven past a few times?
c. The carpet cleaning company that sent you a free report on how to properly care for your carpet and extend its life and has been sending you tips to keep your carpet looking good for the past several months?
d. The carpet cleaning company who has a sign nailed to the pole on the side of the road?

Chances are you would pick “c”, the carpet cleaning company sending you tips because you’ve started to get to know them. Maybe you even used a tip or two that helped you, which makes you trust them a bit more.

In other words, you are starting to build a relationship with them.
Understanding that buyers are continually in different places in the buying cycle will help you understand the importance of having a lead generation and conversion machine in place. And understanding that if they have a relationship with you, then they are more likely to do business with you when they are ready to buy will help you capture more leads, convert more of those leads into paying customers, sell more, and keep you booked solid.

Remember to get more customers and make more sales, you need to have a lead generation and conversion system in place that will continually supply you with potential buyers in different stages of their buying process and convert more of those leads into buyers when they are ready.

A system that starts the conversation and makes a connection, and when it’s time for them to buy, you will be the only logical choice.

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