Reputation Marketing

Reputation Management is DEAD… the old way of doing business. Smart Business Owners are doing To Stop Bad Reviews is Reputation Marketing and here’s why…

Reputation Management  simply puts a band-aid on an even bigger problem which of why you are getting bad reviews in the first place .  Most reputation management companies really don’t know what they’re doing; most simply work to remove bad reviews. Some even post fake reviews to your businesses online profile pages which can get your site banned from search results sites like Google.  What you should be doing is reputation marketing because reputable review sites like Google, Yahoo, Yelp, and Angie’s list want real reviews, placed by real customers using their active email accounts.  Don’t be fooled by those offering to place fake reviews online for you.

Removing unwarranted negative reviews is certainly important however it does not really solve two remaining problems.  First getting a constant stream of real reviews from your happy customers posted by them using their actual email accounts and second, helping you to solve your problem of why your good business is getting bad reviews in the first place. We do all three, stomp out bad reviews, get glowing reviews from your happy customers, they post using their actual email address and training so the bad reviews stop.

Automated Reputation Marketing The Smart Marketing WizardSo what exactly is reputation marketing?

Reputation management techniques are obsolete.  They are outdated, ineffective and questionable.  Now, if you really want to dominate your local market, it’s all about reputation marketing. it’s very simple.  …… the way you manage it is you need to make sure that you monitor it daily. Now there are a lot of companies that actually monitor their branding by using tools like Google alerts.  And unfortunately, Google alerts and hundreds of other tools don’t work when it comes to monitoring your reputation. And the reason is, these tools only work when someone posts and it includes your name  or the name of  your product.  It searches the entire web for your name or your product name or the name of the CEO.

Reputation Marketing That Monitors Your Online Reputation For Bad Reviews

The problem with that is when someone post a review, they’re typically doing it on your listing, on Yelp or city search or Bing or Yahoo or Google, and they never mention your name at all.  They just post something about you but not your name, not the CEO’s name, not the product name. So, you can have all the alerts you want from all these tools but none of them will show you reviews.  The Smart Marketing Wizard is a proprietary system that monitors all the major sites that your listing is on. And every single day we know exactly who posts and what’s posted to these sites. One of the many essential reputation marketing tools you get when you choose The Smart Marketing Wizard for your online reputation marketing.