Review & Reputation Automation Software

The Smart Marketing Wizard – Review & Reputation Automation Software.  We’ve developed a proprietary system and process that have proven to help fix bad reviews and get our clients Real Reviews from their actual customers using their names and email addresses.

We’re the nation’s leading experts in local reputation marketing.   No company in the world has our proprietary system, client tools and marketing strategies that will give you the edge that your company needs to Stop bad reviews, achieve rock star status in your industry and position your company as the market leader by building a 5 star online reputation.

Bad reviews, accurate or not are ruining your business reputation and until you take action it’s only going to get worse, cost you more money or worse, ruin your business.

If you have Bad Online Reviews, you may think that business is down because of a bad economy, Think again!

Bad, few or no online ratings or reviews cost local businesses thousands each year in lost revenue to their competitors.

Don’t hire a Reputation Management Company, they’re expensive and lead business owners to believe that there is some magic to clean up bad reviews and repair your online reputation.

Bad reviews can’t be removed if they were placed by actual customers and fake reviews can get your website banned from sites like Google.  You can’t add reviews from your business computer, review sites like Yelp and Google track your computers location or IP address and those reviews will get deleted or worse your site can get penalized.

You need real reviews, from your actual customers, placed by them using their active email addresses. Our proprietary technology, expertise and tools are everything you need to stop bad reviews, get glowing reviews from your customers, identify and fix the problems in your business that lead to unhappy customers posting bad online business reviews.

Protect what people read your company online. The smart Marketing Wizard- Inexpensive, effective, honest, cutting edge – Reputation Marketing.