Top 5 Areas of Marketing where Business Marketing Tools Lead to Business Success

Have you ever seen a carpenter build anything without tools? The same applies to businesses, especially online. Business owners need to invest in the right business marketing tools to grow their business and help it stay competitive in its market.  In no particular order (indeed, the type of business would dictate which business marketing tools should be top priority), here are five areas of marketing where tools can most definitely lead to business success:

  • Analytics – You can’t know how well you’re doing in any facet of your business or marketing if you can’t track your performance. Worse, in internet marketing, there are too many metrics and key performance indicators to track – so much so that you simply cannot do without a good Analytics tool.
  • Relationship Marketing – Relationship marketing encompasses creating a good customer relationship, customer satisfaction, reputation building and lead nurturing. Basically everything that relates to building a good business-consumer relationship to secure those repeat sales are included; it’s too complex an area of marketing to not have any tools to automate the processes and make them simpler and more convenient.
  • Social Media – Social media tools range from automatic status updates or “Tweeters” to social intelligence gathering analytics tools. Your business needs will dictate what sorts of social media tools you will require, but you will require some of them, for sure. For new and small local businesses, social syndication tools are quite handy too.
  • Campaign Collaboration – Any business will have multiple marketing campaigns and each campaign will have its own processes and requirements. How can you keep everything organized? Campaign collaboration dashboards collect nearly everything you need into one hub where collaboration between involved people within a campaign is made seamless and more convenient, regardless of differences in time zones or locations.
  • Real-Time Communication – While mane campaign collaboration business marketing tools offer real-time communications options, you might still want to consider perusing an alternate tool dedicated to communication. The business marketing tool should take into consideration your priorities (e.g. relationship marketing) as well as your business needs (more on VoIP, more video conferences, et al).

Any local business intent on success today should have marketing tools in these five areas of their marketing. Get more information on the powerful suite of reputation tools offered by the Smart Marketing Wizard, and remember Cassandra provides live customer service and reputation training for member businesses.

Cassandra trains your staff to deliver the exceptional customer service your customers expect so you build strong relationships and get the great reviews you deserve.

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