What if Google Went Away?

Is Google, A Goldmine for Small Business Success or Simply Fools Gold?

Google Deleted the internetA stable business requires more than one leg (Google) to stand on.

Many small business owners make the critical mistake of focusing on only one media to generate new business, which is SEO To rank well on Google.

Many businesses pay SEO firms handsomely for a coveted 1st. Page Google Ranking.

Don’t get me wrong, businesses who are not using online media are making a big mistake.

However businesses who only use one form of media such as SEO to generate leads and prospects for their business is making an even bigger mistake.

Here’s Why …

Business Owners usually ramp up staff, office space, equipment and inventory based on current business demand.

If a business does this, and have grown their business solely based on their first page Google position, what happens if one day Google changes the way they determine who appears on page one? 

Overnight without warning a business’s Google website ranking (for no apparent reasons other than Google had an algorithm change or your SEO guy screwed up and got too agreesive under pressure to get you results) can fall from page 1 to 100, especially in light of all the recent Google updates like Panda, Penguin & Hummingbird.

Paying for SEO services does not guarantee any business a first page Google ranking. Google and Google only determines that.  Business owners don’t really understand how SEO works and the possible pitfalls, their expectations are misguided .  Which sets them  up, for failure.

A lesson that recently thousands of business owners have unfortunately learned the hard way.

Most were unprepared, they didn’t have any other tools in place to generate leads and prospects.

What Can You Do?

Do what Savvy business owners do and take control of your marketing by having several tools in place all working to keep your marketing funnel full at all times.

That way if one tool breaks or stops working, you’ll still have other tools in place to keep your phone ringing until your site can rebound from a Google penalty. Providing it can.

Most business owners are busy and make the mistake of handing off the marketing and marketing decisions to a staffer of hired local marketer of SEO firm without fully understanding what exactly is being done on their behalf.

Big mistake, MARKETING is what brings the customers (THE MONEY) into your business. Every business owner should have at least a working knowledge of what their marketing consists of and any potential pitfalls associated with it.

Before you become a victim of a Google Algorithm change,  or hire a firm who uses questionable tactics, take time to understand what’s being done on your behalf and create a plan to diversify your marketing by using several marketing channels instead of just one.

To learn more about how an online misstep can wheel a devastating blow to your business go to: www.smartmarketingwizard.com. There you’ll find helpful articles, free training and tools to help guarantee your business success.

Cassandra Segoviano



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