What is Reputation Marketing?

Reputation Marketing - The Smart Marketing WizardEvery Local Business Needs To Be Doing Reputation Marketing

Business owners  often ask, what is reputation marketing and why should I do it?

Reputation marketing is building a 5 star online business reputation then using those stellar reviews to outsell your competitors.

The first thing a person sees when they search online today is your business reputation.

A bad Reputation can be really bad, but a good reputation can be really good.

Reputation Marketing isn’t only for Businesses with Bad Ratings and Reviews

All business can benefit from reputation marketing, it is also great for a business who already has a solid online reputation. 5 Star Reviews From happy customers deliver pre-sold new customers and referrals to the business.

Keeping your finger on your businesses reputation is critical to your local businesses success.  All too often owners are so busy running their businesses that they don’t even know if an employee angered a customer or if an unhappy customer has turned to one of the popular review sites like Angie’s List or Google to tell all who will hear about how bad your business is.

Some are busy paying top dollar to get to the top of Google, they are spending thousands monthly on magazine, radio and television ads that do nothing but drive prospective customers online to find their bad reputation.

With The Smart Marketing Wizard, you not only fix your bad review problem but you also discover how to use your great reputation to get more business.

Reputation Marketing is a Whole – Company Effort

It is important for everyone who comes in contact with the customer or their products to understand the importance of reputation marketing.  That is why each business gets access to our employee reputation training center.  Our video training center will help you train your team on the importance of delivering each customer a great experience. After the video training is completed quiz them to insure they understand the importance of providing all customers an exceptional experience. We even provide the quiz.

Get A Head Start Now – Before Your Competition Decides to Ask;  What is Reputation Marketing?

Local businesses who understand reputation marketing have an unfair advantage over their competitors. After all, given a choice of buying from a business with only 2 good reviews and one bad review or buying from one with 10 raving reviews from happy customers, which one would you choose?

Would you do business and trust a local business whose past customers says are, too high, rude, unprofessional or gave bad service?

Now is the perfect time because your competition probably still doesn’t know what reputation marketing is and how to build then use their 5 star online reputation to get their phone to ring and close more sales.

Everything you need to build your 5 star online reputation.