Why Reputation Management Doesn’t Work

Reputation Management is Dead!

Reputation Management The Smart Marketing Wizard picReputation Management techniques are outdated, ineffective and questionable! A Local business owner’s Online Reputation Is Everything. Not only do bad reviews cause a business to miss sales but a local business with few or no reviews also miss golden opportunities to add thousands to their monthly bottom-line.

Reputation Marketing is what all local business owners should be doing.  Most traditional reputation management companies simply put a Band-Aid on a much larger issue of why a business got a bad review in the first place.  They use expensive, outdated, ineffective, and questionable techniques which mostly amount to posting fake reviews to bury the negative review that an actual unhappy customer posted.

The Smart Marketing Wizard Delivers a Knockout Blow To Reputation Management

The Smart Marketing Wizard is inexpensive, effective, honest and easy to implement by even the busiest owners.  It gets real ratings and reviews from actual customers who post using their active email address to top online review sites like Yelp, Citysearch, Google, Yahoo and more.

Why Pay Expensive Reputation Management Fees?

Savvy business owners realize that their reputation affects their bottom-line.  However they should take time to understand what a reputation management company will do on their behalf.  Some charge hefty fees to simply post fake reviews on internet review sites like Google most are unaware that such tactics are against Google’s best practice policy and can get their site penalized or worse de-indexed from Google’s search.

Fixing bad reviews is only the first step of what is needed for a business to benefit from their online reputation.  For less than $6.00 per day an owner can sleep well at night knowing that The Smart Marketing Wizard provides them the protection they need to stomp bad reviews while they build a 5 star online reputation.

Everything You Need to Get Rid of Bad Reviews & Dominate Your Market With Your Stellar Online Reputation!

Reputation Management Companies Can’t Compete with Power of The Smart Marketing Wizard

Reputation management companies simply don’t have our patent pending technology, client tools and reputation marketing strategies to give your company the edge it needs to Fix Bad Ratings & Reviews and position your business as the only logical choice to do business with.

 Why Reputation Management Doesn't Work - Reputation Marketing Your Valued ChoiceGet the Power of The Smart Marketing Wizard Working for YOU Today.

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