Why Some Businesses Believe that Advertising Doesn’t Pay.

Why Some Businesses Believe that Advertising Doesn’t Pay.

Maybe it’s because now days when a business advertises on radio, TV, newspaper and direct mail everything drives the prospective customer to the Internet where they find You and all of your bad reviews.

Your Reputation Matters! SEO, Social Media, Advertising – None Of It Works Anymore If You Had Bad, Few or No Online Reviews.

Review Sites like Google, Yelp, Angie’s List and Yahoo provide prime Internet space for unhappy customers to vent with little accountability.

Why pay a reputation management company to simply attempt to push down your bad reviews?  So much more is needed if you intend to remain in business.

Why are you getting bad reviews in the first place?  Take time to really hear what your unhappy customers are saying. 

Discover how to Fix Bad Reviews and get all of the new customers you need using The Smart Marketing Wizard.

Check out this article published by the Examiner titled: “How Good Businesses Combat Unwarranted Negative Reviews” It provides some great information that every local business owner can use to Fight Back Against Bad Reviews.  

Your first step is to know what your customers are posting about your business across the Internet.  Here’s a link to A Great Free Service that provides an instant Free Bad Review Report from the top 20 online review sites like Google and Yelp.

Good reviews deliver presold customers.  Before you spend money advertising your business and it’s bad reputation build a 5 Star Reputation using Reputation Marketing and dominate your local market by marketing your new reputation.

Hope these resources are helpful,

Cassandra Segoviano

Marketing Strategist

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